26 June 2009

Bethany Church of Bucha-Camp 2009

The teachers are planning and preparing intensely right now for the camp that is going to start on July 14th. The theme for this years camp is Friendship, ending in the last day with the friendship of Jesus Christ and salvation in Him. Please be in prayer for those of us getting ready here in Ukraine and for local missionary Vicki Nelson who has so graciously agreed to assist us in the English lessons.

In addition, we have a team coming from Antioch Baptist Church of Conway, Arkansas led by Dan and Cindy Williams. Please be in prayer for them and the team members as they prepare now as well. Pray for a safe flight and no baggage lost.

This is the time when I am so thankful for those who send us craft supplies. With 100 kids doing crafts for five days, this is when we use up a lot that is sent through the whole year. We are always grateful for those of you who lift us up before heaven's throne for we know without it we are nothing. May He be glorified.

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