26 June 2009

VSM Train Ride

This morning the Volunteer Student Missionaries (VSM) arrived by overnight train from the Carpathian Mountain region in western Ukraine where they did service projects for a church and held a children's camp. Jamie Morgan said they had a good ride with many interesting sites along the way, while it was still daylight. She also said the team was looking forward to eating at McDonalds. This is understandable and is par for every team that comes from the states after 10 days of foreign food. Missionaries say, "only in Ukraine do we eat at McDonalds."

Now they have a day of touring the lovely sites of Ukraine's capitol Kiev. Since we live far from the airport, this evening they will spend the night in the luxury (after 10 days of roughing it) of the airport hotel before an early morning departure. This evening I will tell you about their touring day.

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