26 June 2009

Russia to Georgia

Jeff returned yesterday from western Ukraine doing camp in the Carpathian Mountains with the Volunteer Student Missions(VSM) team led by Jamie Morgan. He now has his visa for Russia and will leave on July 2nd to meet another VSM team being led by Stan Scroggins from First Baptist Church of Magnolia, Arkansas. Jeff will get them to their destination in Georgievsk, Russia to do a basketball camp before he leaves for the country of Georgia. As you may recall, the troubles between Georgia and Russia prevents Jeff from flying directly from Russia. Therefore, he will come through Kiev for about 8 hours before he flies to Georgia. There he will assist a Baptisit Medical Missions International (BMMI) team led by Dr. Ralph Izzard that will travel to the city of Gori where bombing first started last year with the Russia/Georgia conflict. Jeff and a BMMI team were in this town when the first bomb was dropped on the country. Pray that there will be peace this time and they will accomplish their mission.

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