19 June 2009

The Brains and the Brawn

Yesterday morning the team painted an 8'x40'fence on a church property. Now that may not sound like much, but they scraped, primed and painted two coats. Jeff said it would have been a two day job for a couple of men.

In the afternoon they went to the river which was a 20 minute walk. Brad was the only one brave enough to go swimming. They played volley ball with some of the youth and just had a time of fellowship with them.

In the evening Jeff and Jamie went to tour a village where there is a new group of believers (about 10) meeting in an old house. This old house was built in the 1800's and is the site where they want to put a new church. Jeff and Jamie decided the tear down project of that building was a bit beyond the group (safety wise).

The team is all staying in a bunk house that is used for skiers in winter. Timothy and Natalia have been gracious to open it for them.

Today, since the tear down was too dangerous, the team has painted another church fence in the town of Stree. This is the main Baptist Church where their sponsoring pastor (Brother Roman) works. It was built by Lutherans in 1874. After WWII all Lutheran churches were abandoned due to Nazi occupation. In Soviet times it was used as a bus station. Many churches were repurposed during those times. It was later given to the Baptists if they would build a bus station next door, which they did. The sons and daughters of those Lutherans have returned to sing in the church their parents once worshiped in.

After lunch today, Jamie and Jeff will tour the camp site for next week. In the afternoon the team is working on testimonies and singing. This evening is a worship service. After that they will walk downtown and "hangout" with some of the youth and get to know them better. Pray for these relationships.

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