23 June 2009

Christmas in June

Breakfast is at 8:30 each morning. The team is getting a good taste of Ukrainian culture with the food. Not that it is so different from America, but for example, for breakfast they had pizza and a boiled egg with mayonnaise on top. They don't really have a "breakfast" culture here and usually eat simply whatever they had from the day before. Not everyone was crazy about the egg idea.

This morning the Christmas story was told and the team explained how we celebrate. A young Ukrainian woman, Anastasia led them in this, prayer and memorization of Luke 2:11.

One game that was fun today was dropping a candy cane (with a ribbon tied to it) into the top of a pop bottle with your mouth. The kids were also told the meaning of the candy cane. Games went well.

Lights are out at 10:30 every night for the whole camp. Jamie asked that you all pray for health and good unity with the team. They are enjoying making friends with the Ukrainians and teaching them English along with learning Ukrainian. Pray that they stay strong and finish strong.

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