11 July 2009

The Country of Georgia

The Baptist Medical Mission International (BMMI) has now had two successful days of treating and evangelizing patients. They have seen over 250 people and according to the observation of Jeff Franks and others on the field, it seems the people of Georgia are hungry to hear the story of Jesus.

Anatoly Krivo, one of our Baptist Missionary Association's(BMA) national pastors, who leads the church in Gori while also working on his semiary degree by extention from Ukraine, has brought people from his church and they are very happy with the doctors and the level of evangelism.

When I spoke to Jeff this afternoon he was on his way to a BMA of Georgia associational meeting with Charles Johnson, pastor of Rosewood Baptist Church in Gilmer, Texas, Brother Frank Garrido of Calvery Baptist Church in Laverne, California and Anatoly Krivo, mentioned above. This is a regular gathering of Georgian missionaries to report on what God is doing in their various works. On the agenda is plans and vision, future opportunities and the possibility of bringing in BMA pastors to discuss and teach BMA associational principles. They have also asked Jeff to do some leadership training so they will decide when it will commence.

This afternoon also, the team has moved to minister in a small village that is located in the buffer zone where there is a heightened military alertness from the Russian occupiers on Georgian territory of South Ossetia. This is a mission point from the Gori church where they hold services, and now medical mission in a private home.

Please be in prayer for these meetings today and for the further mission work in the next week. Pray God would put his words in the mouths of his servants that all might be blessed and many come to
faith and joy in knowing the King of Kings.

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